Have you ever wondered how to prepare, implement and evaluate a Living Library event?  How to ensure that the activity becomes a truly intercultural encounter and dialogue takes place? Which steps need to be considered to make the event being an inclusive youth work practice?

This section is created for You – designers and coordinators of Living Library events.

Here below you can find the guidelines, recommendations and tips structured taking into account the elements to be considered when preparing, implementing and evaluating an inclusive Living Library.

These guidelines have been compiled as the summary of the direct practice of the youth workers implementing the Project in all partner countries.

They are structured in two different areas: logistics and roles.

Logistic aspects organising Living Libraries

  • Logistic aspects
  • Wellbeing
  • Visibility and Dissemination

Supporting the diverse roles involved in the Living Library:

  • Human Books
  • Librarians and Facilitators
  • Readers

Each Guideline is thought as a support to the Living Library preparation, with tips structured to take into account for the preparation, the implementation and the evaluations of the event.

We hope they can bring new insights and ideas towards a more inclusive youth work, and will appreciate any suggestions to keep enriching them with new elements.


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